Worship Anew kicks off new production season
Camera in Studio
July 10, 2023

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — Worship Anew is kicking off its 2024 production season with the return of its six pastors, a guest pastor, and visiting choirs.  

Pastors, Rev. Dr. Thomas R. Ahlersmeyer, Rev. Thomas A. Eggold, Rev. Shayne M. Jonker, Rev. Dr. Walter A. Maier III, Rev. William E. Mueller, and Rev. Paul E. Shoemaker, will once again lead our weekly programs, along with guest pastor, Rev. Jeremy M. Swem from Our Savior Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids, Mich.

“Worship Anew is blessed by the strong team of pastors who appear on the weekly television program,” said Matthew Leighty, Worship Anew’s executive director. “Along with our host Eric Kaschinske, they share the love of Christ to an audience desperately seeking to know of God's mercy and grace.”

The beautiful music of Worship Anew’s choir, as well as other guest choirs, will return this year. Concordia University-Irvine’s choir will join the program in 2024 for their first time as a guest choir.

If you are interested in bringing in your choir to perform on the program, please contact Paul@worshipanew.org. Choirs perform the old-time hymns that the viewers enjoy. Groups must be a size of four or larger (not to exceed 60 members because of space concerns).

The Worship Anew Program is available weekly on local stations throughout the United States, as well as on the Total Christian Television (TCT) network, NewsNation, and the American Forces Network. Visit worshipanew.org/programs/watch-on-television/ to learn more.

Since 1980, Worship Anew, headquartered in Fort Wayne, Ind., has been broadcasting weekly worship services for aging adults who seek to help them live an abundant life in Christ. Today, Worship Anew reaches thousands of people each week across the nation and around the world on television and streamed online. To learn more about Worship Anew and other ministries, including the care ministry and Hope-Full Living daily devotions, please visit WorshipAnew.org.