Frequently Asked Questions about our Care Package Program
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January 10, 2024

Who are the care packages for?

The care packages are designed to share the love of Christ with aging adults who are hurting and their caregivers.

Can I personalize my care package?

Yes! You can enter a personal message on the order form. We will include your message on a special card to let the person know the package is from you. The order form also allows you to share the recipient’s personal preferences, such as their favorite color, sports team, hobby, Bible verse, etc. We cannot guarantee the box will include items corresponding to these preferences, but knowing this information helps guide which items we choose to put in their box. If you share information about the difficulty the recipient is experiencing, we will include appropriate Christian care material. Please keep in mind that the content of each box is subject to availability at the time of packing.

I would like to order a care package but remain anonymous, is that possible?
Absolutely. As mentioned above, you decide what you would like your personal note to say.

I would like to send a care package to a homebound friend, but she is diabetic. Do you offer sugar free options?
We do. You can indicate on the order form if the recipient has any food restrictions or allergies that we need to take into consideration when choosing snack items for your box. We will do our best to follow these guidelines. However, the content of the box is subject to availability at the time of packing.

How much does it cost to send a care package?

We want everyone to be able to share the love of Christ with those who are hurting, so there is no cost to send a care package. However, you will be given the opportunity to give a donation when you place your order. Your generous donations make it possible for us to continue this ministry!

Can I order more than one care package at a time?

You may order more than one care package as long as each package is sent to an aging adult in need. You will need to submit a separate order form for each. You may also want to consider spacing out your orders. We may only be able to send one of them per week depending on availability.

My uncle is homebound, and my aunt is his full-time caregiver. Can I send them each a care package?
Due to the cost of shipping, we can only send one box per address. If more than one person in need lives at the address (for example, a husband and wife or caregiver and receiver), we will take that into consideration when packing the box and include items for both.

There is a much beloved lady in our congregation that recently lost her husband. What if more than one person orders a package for her?
In this case, we would send her the initial care package. We do not send more than one care package to an individual in order to reserve items for others who are in need. However, we would be happy to send a card with your personal note!

Can I send care packages as birthday or holiday gifts?
While we certainly appreciate your desire to send gifts to family and friends on special occasions, these care packages are not meant to be sent as gifts.

Where do I order a care package?

Please visit our website at to complete the form to send a care package. We prefer that orders be made on our website so we can get your care package sent out as quickly as possible.