Worship Mobility
11 24 23 HFL
November 24, 2023

I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go into the house of the Lord!”

Psalm 122:1

In the early years of my ministry, if we had members who could not physically attend a worship service, we recorded the service on cassette tapes and delivered the recordings to those who were home-bound. Recently, I had a physical limitation and did not attend a worship service for fifteen months. I did not have to wait several days for someone to bring me a recording of a worship service; I was able to watch the service online — live.

What a blessing such streamed services are for those who must be on duty when a worship service is offered live. And we can also tune in to other spiritual venues, not from our congregation, that can be a blessing to us. This is especially true for significant festivals such as Christmas and Easter. What a blessing!

Jerrold Lloyd Nichols
Fort Wayne, IN

Gracious God, thank you for allowing us to live in an age of electronic miracles that allow us to worship you around the clock. Amen.

Reflect: If you need to watch a worship service online, invite someone to worship with you.

Read: Isaiah 44 and Isaiah 53