Which Seed Are You?
10 19 23 HFL
October 19, 2023

“He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”

Luke 8:8

In this parable, Jesus likened the Word of God to be like a seed. The first three soils were not receptive to hearing God’s Word. A seed has enormous power if planted in the right conditions. The good soil stands for the Christian who hears God’s Word, holds it fast, and bears fruit to reflect Jesus. When you hear God’s Word, and receive it gladly, more spiritual riches come to you as a believer. Do you really want to hear God’s Word? As seniors we must continually examine ourselves to make sure that we are cultivating the seed of God’s Word in our heart. Each day, check the soil of your heart. Ask God for a receptive heart. Allow the Holy Spirit to nourish the seed of his Word in your life. Spend time with God at Bible study, with personal devotions, and at worship.

David Bever
Las Vegas, NV

Jesus, thank you for your Word as it offers me hope, grace, and salvation. Amen.

Reflect: Stay close to Jesus by hearing and responding to his Word.

Read: Luke 8:4-15 and Mark 4:13-20