No Silver or Gold
7 13 23 HFL
July 13, 2023

But Peter said, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you.”

Acts 3:6

Peter and John met the lame man by the pool in Bethesda. He asked them for financial assistance. Peter responded, “silver or gold I don’t have but what I have I give you.”

Older adults often live on fixed incomes, and we may not have the resources we had in our youth. We can’t give as freely as we would like. God is good to provide ways to share based upon our income or means.

Jesus fed a multitude with two fish and five small loaves. When we can’t give much, we can give what we can, knowing small gifts and offerings bless our church and charities that spread the love of Jesus on earth. For the Lord, it is not the amount, but the heart.

Cheryl-Ann Lewis
Elyria, OH

Dear Father, help me give what I can without feeling guilty for not giving more. Amen.

Reflect: Ask God to show you how your little makes a difference to others.

Read: Acts 3:1-10 and Mark 12:41-44