Magnify Him
2 10 24 HFL
February 10, 2024

I will praise the name of God with a song; I will magnify him with thanksgiving.

Psalm 69:30

When reading the Bible, I am always encouraged how God continuously shines forth in this sin-filled earth, displayed through his Word, the sacraments, creation, and his children. We are encouraged when we see God magnified through someone’s actions or words. Often, I don’t recognize how he is magnified through me. I question if my words or actions clearly shine forth God’s goodness. Would they light up a room? With prayer and thanksgiving, I ask God to increase in me so that he is magnified. Then I need to trust the Holy Spirit to renew my will and help me show God’s goodness and light.

Songs of praise can help make this happen! When I proclaim God with a song, others see a thankful believer in me.

MaryAnn Sundby
Castle Rock, CO

Dear Jesus, help me magnify your name in song and prayer. Amen.

Reflect: Was God magnified through you this week in song, words of kindness, or humble actions?

Read: Matthew 5:16 and Psalm 149:1-4