“Just What We Do”
1 31 24 HFL
January 31, 2024

“You are the light of the world.”

Matthew 5:14a

As we struggled to load our luggage on the airport shuttle, a strong hand in the crowd took our bags and lifted them in. “Come on, boys, give the folks a hand,” the father said, and his two sons obediently helped us.

We thanked them and when time came to unload, the father said, “Let’s give them a hand, sons.” One of the sons began to protest, but the father strongly, quietly said, “Son, it’s just what we do,” and the boys took out our luggage.

Just as it was in the nature of our Lord to give his life for us, so our lives of service to others are “just what we do” in response to his love. We can’t help but let our lights shine!

Donald Hinchey
Loveland, CO

Lord Jesus, let us be who you have called us to be. Amen.

Reflect: Be mindful of opportunities to serve others today.

Read: Matthew 5:1-16 and Philippians 2:4