Come As You Are
12 5 23 HFL
December 5, 2023

... while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 5:8

Did you ever attend a “Come as you are party?” It was briefly a thing in my early teens. Hop in the car. Have a parent drive to friend’s houses. Drag them to the party without time to dress nicely or fix their hair and makeup. Looking just as they were when you arrived. Of course, the hope was that party goers would be caught unaware, unprepared, and not looking their best.

Each of the Gospels tell us that is how Jesus called his disciples. He walked up and said, “Come. Follow me.” He did not wait until they were clean and packed. Just come as you are.

That is the way he wants us to come to him also: world weary, guilty, broken, sinful. He knows we cannot clean up first. He is the one who bled, died, and rose again. We get to come as we are — he has taken care of the rest.

Gayle Jones
Highlands Ranch, CO

Jesus, we thank you for doing everything needful for our salvation. Amen.

Reflect: Praise God for allowing us to come as we are.

Read: 1 Corinthians 6:11 and John 10:10