Alone in Our Thoughts
10 16 23 HFL
October 16, 2023

... the prudent man gives thought to his steps.

Proverbs 14:15b

As older adults we know a thing or two about being alone in our thoughts. These times can come at home, in a hospital bed, or in a doctor’s waiting room. These are special moments, low-key blessings. No distractions, just room to reflect. We can meditate on God’s rich and abundant promises, and we can pray. But we are also free to simply contemplate, reflect on our life. We can sort and discard worries and concerns. Often some new clarity appears.

We know that Jesus also took quiet times apart from the crowd and his disciples. From these moments he found great strength and sense of purpose for the days ahead.

What a blessing solitude can be! It’s another way the Holy Spirit works within us.

Barry Bobb
Carmel, IN

Heavenly Father, in my thoughts and quiet times, abide with me. Amen.

Reflect: Look for extended quiet moments each day.

Read: Psalm 119:148 and Psalm 19:14