Healthy Hoorays for Celebrating the Year
January 1, 2022

Psalm 126:3 says it so well: “The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy!” What a statement of faith, of hope, and of love as we live out the year and look to the upcoming New Year! Check these 12 Hoorays out to see how you might live your faith in the Lord, and watch how we are blessed through Him in these ways...and in many other ways as well!


1 - Remember – Our hope is in the name of the Lord. Even though we have considered all the facts, there is always hope in Christ because of what He has already done for us and continues to do in and through us!

2 - Ask for Help – God’s gifts are in the people around you. Ask the younger and the older for support, love, and encouragement.

3- Laugh Out Loud – at yourself, with others, and give people permission to laugh. Laughter is another way of crossing ourselves!

4 - Take Care of Your Body –It’s the only one we will ever have, and it’s the temple of the Lord, as He works in and through us to others.

5 - Say “Thank You” to people as often as you can. “Thank You”!

6 - Look for Trouble – or, more specifically, look for the troubled – the lonely, the lost, the least, and the last – all those who think that God has forgotten them.

7 - Talk to Children Regularly – it is good for them, and for us. Help to bring the younger and the older together to share the hope and love of the Lord for people of every age.

8 - Remember – your present mood is never permanent! The Lord will lead and guide.

9 - On a scale of 1 to 10 – your friends deserve a 12! Thank the Lord for friends, beginning with Jesus.

10 - Remember – life is not fair, but God is gracious!

11 - Be the Biggest Picture Window to the Gospel that you can be!

12 - Things are not always as they seem – see life through the Cross and the Resurrection!

Lord, bless and guide us through this year and into the upcoming New Year. Give us 20/20 vision so that we may see You and serve You in all that we do. In Jesus name, Amen, Amen!