Grandparents Care
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September 10, 2023

Grandparents are amazing! If you are a grandparent, know that you are loved and appreciated for the amazing role you have in encouraging growth in faith and maturity for multiple generations.

For the last sixty years, the number of grandparents who are actively taking care of grandchildren has more than doubled. As many children are going back to school in the fall, many grandparents are playing an active role in caring for a child, whether it be helping a parent out with school or sports drop offs, watching a child a few days a week, or taking on the full parental role for a grandchild.

Martin Luther taught the concept of vocation. Just as the vocation of parent or spouse is multilayered, the role of grandparent can take on many forms.

As Christians, we celebrate the care that continues with our amazing grandparents. My grandmother lives far away, but she's always asking about my children and how they're doing. She stays abreast on any health issues I or my family are facing. She cares in all the ways she can and this is what we're all called to do as Christians bound together in the body of Christ.

So, as we get ready for another school year to start and to celebrate Grandparents Day on September 10, pray for all grandparents as they care for their grandkids, no matter what that care might entail. Pray for endurance and support. And thank God for sending a Savior who dealt with rejection and the loneliness of the cross in order to give us life and a family of faith that will never end.

Thomas Moll
Director of Content and Innovation