10 Resolutions for Healthy Living in the New Year
10 Tips for healthy living
January 3, 2024

As we enter a New Year, it’s a time to focus on staying healthy in 2024. Here are tips for aging well in this New Year:

1. Stay Active: As you get older, it can be harder to stay active, but simple activities can go a long way to improve your health. Doctors suggest walking, swimming (which is low impact on joints), or simple chair exercises.

2. Keep Your Mind Sharp: Your brain is a muscle too, so it needs exercise just like the rest of your body. Pick up a hobby, play games (cards or board games), and make sure to do our activity page each month (see page 23).

3. Visit Your Doctor: Ensure that you are maintaining your wellness visits with your doctor. If you don’t have a family physician, call your insurance or local hospital to be connected to a doctor in your area.

4. Get Plenty of Sleep: Studies show that 50 percent of aging adults do not get enough sleep. That can lead to daytime fatigue and even falls. Keep a consistent schedule to help with regular sleep.

5. Eat Well: As we have been told all of our lives, eat your fruits and veggies. They help in providing vitamins needed for good health and fiber to regulate your digestion. Also, make sure that you are getting enough calcium and protein for a healthy lifestyle.

6. Manage Stress: Aging can bring about stress, and by association, anxiety and depression. Find ways to manage your stress whether through exercise, friendships, journaling, or professional counseling.

7. Be Social: God made us to be social beings. Being around other people can fill us up and keep our minds active.

8. Understand Your Health: Aging, many times, comes with more medical appointments and additional medication. It’s important for you to understand your health status, but also to share that with your community of family, friends, and caregivers who are there to walk alongside you.

9. Keep Good Dental Hygiene: Brushing your teeth twice a day and visiting your dentist twice a year provides for good oral health. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums can help manage chronic inflammatory conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease.

10. Embrace Aging: Aging is something that everyone faces so why not look at the good? Don’t look at the limitations of your age, but rather adjust your thoughts and emotions toward the positives and what you can do.

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