The weekly televised worship service known as Worship Anew began more than 50 years ago with the Rev. Oswald Henry Bertram. Pastor Bertram had a vision for using technology to reach those in need of Christ’s love and salvation. In 1964, Bertram approached a local television station about creating a televised weekly worship service, ultimately convincing them to produce the program then called Worship for Shut-Ins. The program was filmed at WSPD-TV in Toledo, Ohio, and first aired in 1965.

The program enjoyed over a decade of successful broadcast until the Lord called Pastor Bertram home. As a result, production of Worship for Shut-Ins ceased, leaving a tremendous void. Taking into consideration the needs of shut-ins in their own congregation and the community as a whole, the congregational leaders at Holy Cross Lutheran Church on Crescent Avenue in Fort Wayne, Indiana, decided to bring the challenge of restarting the television ministry to their congregation.

In 2010, the ministry achieved a significant milestone with the establishment of a state-of-the-art media center. Situated on the Concordia Theological Seminary campus in Fort Wayne, Indiana, this center has been pivotal in broadening our reach to thousands of people worldwide.

In December 2017, we transitioned to the name Worship Anew, a change that mirrored our expanding mission and dedication to serving a broader audience of aging adults.

By 2022, the board developed a new strategic plan that brought enhanced clarity to our mission. This plan reinforced our commitment to engaging and equipping aging adults with resources that enable them to live a full and abundant life in Jesus Christ.

Over the years and thanks to God's blessing, our ministry has grown and diversified. Today, we provide a variety of resources for aging adults, including the Hope-Full Living devotional, the Care Package ministry, the Broadcaster Magazine, and more. The legacy of countless individuals continues through this ministry as we carry on in our efforts to connect the faithful with the love of Christ.

The Reverend Oswald Henry Bertram Broadcaster