School Choir Production Form
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Talent Release

As the undersigned, I (we) release to Worship Anew all the rights and privileges of the arrangements recorded and photographed on the below date. I (we) release LMM from any and all liabilities.

I (we) understand that Worship Anew is a non-profit organization and will use the recording for television and social media ministry projects. The choir director will receive a link to the production video (please allow 4–6 weeks). Additional copies are to be made through Worship Anew alone. Video clips and photographs may be used in our Broadcaster magazine, e-newsletters, social media, and ministry-wide publications. I (we) understand that LMM will use this music for the next two or three years and a staff person will notify me (us) when each selection is used in a televised broadcast.

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Child Protection Policy

PURPOSE: It is the goal of Lutheran Ministries Media Inc. (LMM) to provide a safe environment for all children involved in any scheduled visit to the Elsie Rossman Media Center (ERMC).


  1. That all children will be treated with courtesy, respect, and Christian love while at ERMC
  2. That the visit will be conducted in a safe and secure environment
  3. That the children should be properly supervised during such time
  4. That each children’s choir or group tour of children be responsible to provide one (1) adult male and one (1) adult female (other than the choir or tour director) to supervise during the scheduled visit.
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