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Worship Anew is changing lives.

Fantastic. Such beautiful services and music the sermons are so heartwarming. God's blessings and a blessed Easter.

I don't always get a chance to go to church so I enjoy worship for shut-ins. The scripture, music and beautiful stain glass windows! Great job!

My mom and I found this program last Sunday and we really liked it. I don't think I've ever seen a preacher read so much of the Word. We enjoyed the singing and stained glass as well. I was a little disappointed that I have to wait until Sunday to watch it again. Thank you so much for having a show made for shut ins. We are grateful.

A true Lutheran Worship Service It was amazing to hear God's Word read and then preached. The music was beautiful with the variety. I am very thankful to know this is available to those unable to attend their Lutheran Service. I am sure this will touch many hearts in many walks of life.

I have been watching Worship for Shut - Ins for over year now. I am able to go to church sometimes. What I love most about WFSI, is for those in nursing homes, or assisted living homes, is that it can be a witness for the staff, and loved ones of the patients. Praise God for your Worship For Shut-Ins! Lord Jesus, please bless this wonderful program, and for LCMS sponsoring, Amen.

Got to see it, got to feel it, got to love it. That's my Church, that's my Pastor Mark, and the choir is not bad at all!

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