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Unseen Eternals: Hope |  Moments of Comfort

In Honor:

Rev. Jim Elsner entered eternity with our Lord on Wednesday, January 11. This video series was developed by Jim and our production team in 2019. In honor of him and his love for those who are touched by this ministry, we will be posting Moments of Comfort videos featuring Rev. Elsner. These will run through February and March. We thank God for Rev. Jim Elsner and all he did to share God's Light in the darkness.


About the Video:

Not every season of your life is the same. What was important to you as a child is different from your dreams as a teen. And as a young adult, with school behind you, you become more intent on your work life – on your career or profession – as well as on where you live and with whom. Years pass. Seasons change as do cars and houses, as do kids and jobs. And life begins to wind down as retirement approaches. Those in Christ embrace the changing seasons of life. We embrace them because we have an enduring hope.

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