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Moments of Comfort is an online video ministry of Worship Anew which speaks to the sufferings we face in this life with the comforting message of God's Word.

View our most recent programs below, as well as archived programs here.

Moments of Comfort Programs

Comfort for Substance Abuse |  Moments of Comfort

Christmas is THE holiday of the year! But Christmas isn’t grand if you’re drunk, on drugs, or passed out cold. Substance abuse mars the holidays for you and others – for years! But God, in His mercy, hears the cries of those caught by substance…


Comfort When Alone |  Moments of Comfort

Isn’t Christmas grand? It’s THE holiday of the year! But Christmas isn’t grand if you’re alone. Distance, conflicts, health issues can each isolate us. But God, in His mercy, brings comfort to us in our aloneness by sending the Comfort of Christmas:…


An Invitation to the Throne |  Moments of Comfort

An Invitation to the Throne! In conflict, we often sin against each other, and we ourselves even feel guilt and shame. Yet Jesus offers us forgiveness.


Farther Than One Can Imagine |  Moments of Comfort

Farther Than One Can Imagine! God loves us so much, that he sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to pay the penalty for our sins. In doing so, God has removed our sins as far as the east is from the west.


I Can’t Forgive Myself |  Moments of Comfort

I Can’t Forgive Myself! Forgiveness is a free gift which no one can earn. We may struggle to forgive ourselves or doubt that we deserve anything good. But we have hope – not because of what we do or do not do – but because of God’s love for us.


Abounding in Hope |  Moments of Comfort

You may have experienced painful trials in this life. How can we find hope in the midst of such great suffering? Learn more about the hope we have in Christ Jesus in this Moments of Comfort video titled, “Abounding in Hope.” We welcome Ted Kober,…


With Partners | Moments of Comfort

Pain is real!  But we are not expected to tough it out on our own.  God places Christian friends and the helping professions around us for our comfort as we endure the pain.


Of Heart & Mind |  Moments of Comfort

Pain is real!  Most often. We think about the physical discomfort of pain.  But as we endure that, there’s also pain of heart and mind – of emotions, of relations, even of faith.  How does God help us endure those kinds of pain?


When it’s Chronic | Moments of Comfort

Pain is real!  Perhaps yours is chronic and continuing pain day in and day out.  God provides wonderful truth and encouragement to us in Isaiah 43 about His love for those enduring in faith through times of pain.


Acute & Chronic |  Moments of Comfort

Pain is real! You may experience temporary acute pain. Or you maybe enduring chronic pain for a longer time. Does God care?  Does He hear your cries? Will He answer? The Bible provides a resounding “Yes!” about the love of God for those enduring in…


It is Real!  |  Moments of Comfort

Pain is real!  The physical pain we each experience comes in a variety of forms.  And lasts until it’s done hurting.  The Bible has much to say about the love of God while enduring in faith through times of suffering – and pain.


Saved - God Says So!  |  Moments of Comfort

How do we see ourselves? As a person who often sins? Or as a beloved child of God? Look into all God says to us - all God declares we are!