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Moments of Comfort is an online video ministry of Worship Anew which speaks to the sufferings we face in this life with the comforting message of God's Word.

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Moments of Comfort Programs

Here On Purpose |  Moments of Comfort

Where we live is part of God’s design to reach the world with the Gospel.  We are in our current situation on purpose!  What is the Holy Spirit doing in and through us?


Who We Are |  Moments of Comfort

Sometimes we forget who we are in Christ.  We are reminded that we are a child of God, in whom He greatly delights!  We can share our joy in the Gospel every day.


Jesus, Light of Life |  Moments of Comfort

Life is a gift from Jesus! The good, the bad – all of life. Jesus is the Light in our lives. We thank Jesus for all the other blessings He gives!


The Path of Peace |  Moments of Comfort

God offers daily peace in His Word.


The Peaceful Heart | Moments of Comfort

The Gospel shows us God’s peace.


God’s Peace Is Your Peace | Moments of Comfort

God is Big enough to grant you peace.


What Is Real Peace? | Moments of Comfort

In the face of a hectic life, only God can give real peace.


A Door of Hope | Moments of Comfort

The difficulties we encounter in life can leave any of us in hopelessness.  The truth of Scripture, though, engages us with the grace and love of God in Jesus Christ that we might have hope. 


Plans and Dreams and Hope | Moments of Comfort

We all have plans and dreams.  They’re out THERE – yet to happen.  They’re a way of describing Hope.  What are you hoping for? 


The God of Hope | Moments of Comfort

Don’t mistake an optimistic outlook on life for hope.  Hope is grounded in faith.  The Lord God is “the God of Hope” revealing His love for you in miraculous ways.


Hope in His Love | Moments of Comfort

Hope fades in the face of difficulties.  To whom can I turn?  The Lord God calls us to hope in His steadfast love.