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Worship Anew is available to watch via television, DVD subscription, and the Internet. The current week's program can be found on the homepage.

Moments of Comfort is an online video ministry of Worship Anew which speaks to the sufferings we face in this life with the comforting message of God's Word.

View our most recent programs below, as well as archived programs here.

Moments of Comfort Programs

Light in the Darkness: From Darkness to Light |  Moments of Comfort

Darkness and light have been something that Christians have been wrestling with since the very beginning. Whenever we experience loss, we’re reminded of what sin does; it separates. It separates us from those we love; it separates us from the things…


Power Over Fear: Obtaining Salvation |  Moments of Comfort

So many dimensions of life have been disrupted! Some may be deemed non-essential such as major league baseball. Others, we would deem essential – like jobs and income, like spouse and family, like health and security. These essential things concern…


Power over Fear: Keeping On |  Moments of Comfort

He’s hoping that he’ll recover. He’s got more energy and is breathing easier. But that illness and surgery really took a toll. She had just enough to cover the electric bill. But with only a part-time job, what about the others? They just glared at…


Power Over Fear: Strong Alone?  |  Moments of Comfort

A table for one. Our public life had not been ordered that way. Airplanes and buses and trains. Sports stadiums and concert halls and churches. They all brought people together. But now we find that much in our culture separates us, keeps us apart.…


Power Over Fear: A Power Package |  Moments of Comfort

Fireworks can look awesome. And the sounds they make can be terrifying! You may have been surprised, shocked, or even terrified by recent events in our world. These events aren’t a flash in the sky, they can linger in our lives for weeks, months,…


Closer: The Good Bear |  Moments of Comfort

Sometimes helping is easy. Someone drops their books at school, you pick them up. Sometimes helping is complicated. You want to help someone who is dealing with loneliness, but you can’t risk your health by being in the same room with them. You help…


Closer: Strangers and Aliens |  Moments of Comfort

Have you ever felt like an alien? Try to get the image of a creature from another planet out of your head. Have you ever felt out of place? Have you ever felt like you don’t belong? God changes your status from alien to a member of the family.


Closer: Let’s Match |  Moments of Comfort

How do you decide what to wear in the morning? Do you check the weather? See what’s clean? Does it matter? What kind of clothes does God want us to put on?


A Friend in Need |  Moments of Comfort

How do you know who your friends are? Is it the people you spend the most time with? Is it the people who make you laugh? Is it the people who have helped you through a tough time? What is a friend?


Agree to Agree |  Moments of Comfort

How well do you disagree? When you can tell that a fight is coming, what do you do? Do you settle into your trench and ready yourself for battle? What if there were no divisions? No arguments? What would that kind of world look like?


Hopes and Dreams - God With Us |  Moments of Comfort

How do you like to connect? Would you rather write an email or a letter? Would you rather text or talk on the phone? Is seeing your loved ones over computer video just as good as getting together in person? God knows our need for connection. Hear…


Hopes and Dreams - Longing for Normal |  Moments of Comfort

What is normal? Normal could be a morning cup of coffee followed by catching up on news. Normal could be getting stuck in traffic while your running afternoon errands. Sometimes we need a break from normal. Sometimes we long for it. What does God…