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Moments of Comfort is an online video ministry of Worship Anew which speaks to the sufferings we face in this life with the comforting message of God's Word.

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Moments of Comfort Programs

Power Over Fear: Keeping On |  Moments of Comfort

He’s hoping that he’ll recover. He’s got more energy and is breathing easier. But that illness and surgery really took a toll. She had just enough to cover the electric bill. But with only a part-time job, what about the others? They just glared at…


Made New |  Moments of Comfort

How do we deal with the increase in violence and evil in our culture? God is faithful. God is with us. Jesus promises to make all things new.


New Creation |  Moments of Comfort

How do we view people who are in difficult situations in life? The world has its standards. God's standard is to view everyone through the love of Jesus Christ. We can too.


Alive in Christ!  |  Moments of Comfort

We have the gift of Christ's life! The life we live, we live in Christ. As we embrace all God has given us in Christ, we can live in the peace that comes from Christ alone.


The Blind See |  Moments of Comfort

Many today have heard of Jesus, but do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior. In John 9, Jesus blesses a blind man with physical sight. More significantly, the Holy Spirit works saving faith in the blind man, that he can now see his Savior.


Good Courage |  Moments of Comfort

We know that while we are on earth we are going have to fear and uncertainty, because heaven is our home. Yet, we are given our time on this earth and we walk in faith, knowing that the Lord will protect us and keep us throughout all our days.


The Lord is Our Good Shepherd |  Moments of Comfort

This holiday season, and into the new year, I encourage you to remember that the Lord is our Good Shepherd, and He provides all we need. Sometimes He provides those things through organizations and people in the church like you and me. We are able…


Prayer and Supplication |  Moments of Comfort

Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed? Everything just grates on your nerves or makes you nervous. From the perky way a family member says good morning, or how your chair just doesn’t feel comfortable, or the way the sky looks gloomy.…


Jesus Brings Us Rest |  Moments of Comfort

The happiest time of the year can leave us tired and stressed. Jesus brings us rest in the frenzy of our day to day lives, especially in the hecticness of the holiday season.


Being Watchful and Thankful |  Moments of Comfort

Thanksgiving has come and gone. It may have been good or bad. Filled with family or all alone. No matter what, it has passed, but it isn't the end of the story or of giving thanks. At the end of his letter to the church in Colossae, Paul helps us…


Whatever You Do…Give Thanks |  Moments of Comfort

In Colossians 3:17, Paul takes time to emphasize "whatever you do..." He knows the people in the church at Colossae don't get it right every time. He knew that we wouldn’t get it right every time. Mistakes are made and comfort is needed. So, in…


And… Be Thankful |  Moments of Comfort

Paul talks about our lives together and how we should interact with each other. However, we all too often fall short and find ourselves needing to be comforted. For Paul, and us, that means to "let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts... And be…