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Moments of Comfort is an online video ministry of Worship Anew which speaks to the sufferings we face in this life with the comforting message of God's Word.

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Moments of Comfort Programs

Sharing Comfort |  Moments of Comfort

God has given us experiences in our lives for a reason. You may never know why God allowed you to suffer. But all that God has given us can be used to help others in their walk of faith. In 2 Corinthians 1:6, Apostle Paul speaks of his affliction…


Abundant Comfort |  Moments of Comfort

When your affliction is like a raging fire, you need someone to step in. You need a considerable solution for your big problems. Who can handle such an arduous task? In 2 Corinthians 1:5, we see that Who we suffer with is also Who our Savior is in…


Comfort in Affliction |  Moments of Comfort

A car breakdown is inconvenient. When something like this happens with others, such as your family, you all share in that inconvenience. You suffer together, even if some seem to suffer less than others. A definition of the word affliction is…


Father of Mercies, God of Comfort |  Moments of Comfort

Like it or not, if anyone has known you, you've been known for something. Maybe you were the life of the party, or the jock, or the bookworm. We all have some identity in the eyes of others. How do you see God? What is He known for? Who is God to…


Change is Glorious |  Moments of Comfort

When we have something we wish could be different in our lives, we're tempted to act when someone offers an easy solution to our problem. This is good marketing. Companies identify the need, remind us how much we want to change, and then provide the…


Waiting for Change |  Moments of Comfort

Who likes to wait? We have become accustomed to getting our Amazon orders in two days, our eBooks as an instant download, a quick response over text message. How fast is God at answering your prayers, your pleas, your cries for help? Sometimes it…


Change is God’s Plan |  Moments of Comfort

Imagine that you’re at an archery range, you pick up your bow, you select an arrow, you put the end of the arrow onto the bowstring, you draw the arrow back and raise the bow, you put your sight down the length of the arrow, you look, and you see….…


Time for a Change |  Moments of Comfort

Some changes we push hard for. We see something wrong with the world, our family, or our marriages.  We make incremental changes until things are right again. But what about the changes that happen suddenly? If we have our lives arranged just the…


A Change in Perspective |  Moments of Comfort

Do you ever feel like you could use a change of perspective? Have you ever looked around at your life and suddenly thought, “What’s going on around me?” “What kind of world am I living in?” “How am I to see myself in this story?” Sometimes, what we…


Home is Solid |  Moments of Comfort

What are the best materials to protect our homes from the elements? Some choose brick, some siding, some stucco. No matter what we use to protect our home on the outside, if we have a shaky foundation, our house will not stand. You may not be a home…


Home is Safe |  Moments of Comfort

When things in this world get overwhelming, where do you go? For many of us, we go home. Home is a place where we can find comfort and peace compared to the chaotic world outside our walls. But sometimes home doesn't feel so safe. Where do we go…


Home is Heavenly |  Moments of Comfort

On some days, you may feel like a home hit by hurricane. Any one of us could be suddenly weakened by illness, injury, or addiction. Even the healthiest of us could be made weak, no matter how much work we do to stay strong and vibrant. Where is our…