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Moments of Comfort is an online video ministry of Worship Anew which speaks to the sufferings we face in this life with the comforting message of God's Word.

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Moments of Comfort Programs

How’s Your Grip?  |  Moments of Comfort

When stress invades our life, it can feel like riding a horse without a saddle. We can feel out of control, overwhelmed, as if we will get knocked to the ground at any moment. What do we hold on to when our world is shaking? Hold fast to what is…


Who Holds the Wheel?  |  Moments of Comfort

We like to be in control, not necessarily in charge, but definitely in control. We want to hold the steering wheel of our lives. When things get hard, what is it we are holding on to? God tells us to “hold unswervingly to the hope we profess,” but…


Christ is Risen!  |  Moments of Comfort

As hard as it is to face, death is, indeed, a grim reality. Nobody wants to die. But we know that death is real. We mourn the loss of those we love who have passed away. We might even worry about our own demise. How much time do I have on this…


Made Alive By God |  Moments of Comfort

When you go to a funeral, you may hear many words about the deceased individual. People may say wonderful things about the person. They may regale you with memorable stories, or even crack a few jokes. Often people want to be remembered for what…


Christ; The Resurrection and the Life |  Moments of Comfort

Have you ever lost a loved one? How many days and nights did you mourn their death? Perhaps you still grieve their loss even today. There are so many things that can cause death; sickness, car accidents, natural disasters. Is death all we have to…


Death Through Sin, but Life Through Christ |  Moments of Comfort

As hard as it is to face, death is a grim reality. We grieve and mourn when a friend or family member dies. We pray for those who are seriously ill, perhaps fearing that they might be near death. Some of us may even fear our own death. We may wonder…


Light in the Darkness: Bathed in His Light |  Moments of Comfort

We all experience darkness. What is unique to each one of us is the grace and encouragement we need for each day. As children of God, we walk each day knowing that God’s grace in Jesus is sufficient for us, for any situation, for any trial. What…


Light in the Darkness: Entering His Light |  Moments of Comfort

When we look at the brave protectors in our world, the first responders who enter into dangerous places and situations without flinching, it begs the question, “How did they become so strong?” How did they train themselves to run into danger while…


Light in the Darkness: Emerging from Shadows |  Moments of Comfort

Even if you’re not an adventure seeker, you find yourself in situations where you are required to act bravely, move through pain, overcome fear. This may seem daunting, even impossible, but there is hope. We never do this work alone.


Light in the Darkness: Emerging Into His Brightness |  Moments of Comfort

Some stressors in life we can see coming from a mile away; just think about tax season. Others come upon us suddenly. A tumor is found. A car is struck. A tremor in the hand gets worse. When we suddenly find ourselves in a dark valley we weren’t…


Light in the Darkness: From Darkness to Light |  Moments of Comfort

Darkness and light have been something that Christians have been wrestling with since the very beginning. Whenever we experience loss, we’re reminded of what sin does; it separates. It separates us from those we love; it separates us from the things…


Power Over Fear: Obtaining Salvation |  Moments of Comfort

So many dimensions of life have been disrupted! Some may be deemed non-essential such as major league baseball. Others, we would deem essential – like jobs and income, like spouse and family, like health and security. These essential things concern…