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Moments of Comfort is an online video ministry of Worship Anew which speaks to the sufferings we face in this life with the comforting message of God's Word.

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Moments of Comfort Programs

Children…Like Him!  |  Moments of Comfort

It's not only physical traits but personality and mannerisms, actions and abilities often identify us as part of a family group. The greatest family and its traits are those we receive from God as His child.


Lavished in Love |  Moments of Comfort

Simple. Plan. Basic? Or…Luxurious. Sumptuous. Profuse? How can we describe the love of God?


Carried…by God |  Moments of Comfort

Our hopes and dreams can evaporate in moments as forces beyond our control change the world around us.  Where can we turn when we feel that all hope is lost?


What Now? - Be Comforted |  Moments of Comfort

What brings you comfort? A warm cup of coffee might work well. A favorite movie may be a good distraction. What about lasting comfort? Where can we go for that?


What Now? - Don’t Stop |  Moments of Comfort

When is the last time you had something to celebrate? What about now? What if God told you that, every day, you have something to celebrate?


What Now?: Go to the Gospel |  Moments of Comfort

A solid home needs a solid foundation. What happens when the foundation is weak? If your life feels like it is sitting on a shaky foundation, you may be asking yourself, “What now?” Go to the Gospel.


What Now? - Give Thanks |  Moments of Comfort

What do candles remind you of? Do they remind you of bright times? Or do they emphasize the dark times? When your life isn’t bright and cheery, what’s next? What now?


Our Identity in Christ: “Go Low”  |  Moments of Comfort

How does it feel to need help? Does your need make you less of a person? Does it make you lower in God’s eyes? Hear what God's Word says to us about being in need.


Our Identity in Christ: “God at Work. Work it Out!”  |  Moments of Comfort

We are called to grow in the gift of faith, so that the Light of Jesus shines through us.


Our Identity in Christ: “Win-Win”  |  Moments of Comfort

We live in the new live that Christ has given us. Living is Christ.


Our Identity in Christ: Forgiven, We Forgive |  Moments of Comfort

We have been forgiven all. We forgive others with the Spirit’s power.


Our Identity in Christ: We’re # Servant! (Not #1!)  |  Moments of Comfort

We are called to serve as Jesus has served us!