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Moments of Comfort is an online video ministry of Worship Anew which speaks to the sufferings we face in this life with the comforting message of God's Word.

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Moments of Comfort Programs

Home is Essential |  Moments of Comfort

Moving into a new home is exciting. You’re able to leave behind all the little things that bothered you about your old dwelling place and start fresh. Blank walls are a canvas for your creativity. Each room is an opportunity to create a space for…


Running Faith: Higher Goals |  Moments of Comfort

We all have regrets. And those regrets can hold us back, weigh us down when we're trying to move forward. However, turning around can be costly; in sprinting, and in our faith life. When you turn your head backward, you make it even harder for your…


Running Faith: Keep Your Head Up |  Moments of Comfort

When we struggle with running the race of faith, the LORD God is a shield against those who would discourage us and push us off the path of righteousness. When we feel discouraged, God lifts our heads so that we can stand tall and keep running.


Fight or Flight |  Moments of Comfort

As preparing for a race can feel like a fight between apathy and taking on the challenge of training, running our lives of faith can also feel like a battle. We daily struggle with the temptation to not live up to who God has called us to be. Martin…


Running Faith: You Can Run |  Moments of Comfort

Time is a limited resource we get to enjoy while here on earth. But what about energy? How can we run into each day, ready to embrace the time God has given us?


Unseen Eternals: Glory!  |  Moments of Comfort

Pots made of clay fill our world! A red clay pot is a great place to plant a seed to grow a tomato or pepper plant. But those red clay pots really come alive when they overflow with flowers and colors! And then there are the clay pot that are works…


Unseen Eternals: Hope |  Moments of Comfort

Not every season of your life is the same. What was important to you as a child is different from your dreams as a teen. And as a young adult, with school behind you, you become more intent on your work life – on your career or profession – as well…


Unseen Eternals: Life |  Moments of Comfort

You don’t plant a pumpkin seed expecting to get a petunia! You don’t buy a petunia plant expecting to get a tomato! It’s expected that the seed planted in a pot will produce the plant and fruit pictured on a seed packet. The plant and fruit produced…


Unseen Eternals: Grace |  Moments of Comfort

God fills us with an “Unseen Eternal”: His grace in Jesus Christ! We carry the death of Jesus Christ – His perfect life, His suffering and His cross for us – His jars of clay. Out of us the life of Jesus is revealed. Out of His jars of clay come the…


A Universal Force | Moments of Comfort

In the Bible, we are called clay pots. It's easy to see the imperfections and the limitations of a clay pot. Thankfully, it's not about the pot. We have a treasure in us, which is the power of God working in and through us.


When I Slip |  Moments of Comfort

No matter how careful we are, we will slip. The healthiest of us can be surprised by a shocking diagnosis. The strongest of families can be rocked by tragedy. How do we hold on to our faith when we slip? It's God who lifts us and holds us in our…


You Were Right |  Moments of Comfort

Some days, we may doubt that our God is who He says He is. We may be tempted to change our mind, to try to take back the confession we've made about our faith. When we are racked with doubt, these are the times to hold fast to our confession, to…