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Moments of Comfort is an online video ministry of Worship Anew which speaks to the sufferings we face in this life with the comforting message of God's Word.

View our most recent programs below, as well as archived programs here.

Moments of Comfort Programs

Amazing Grace | Moments of Comfort

God's love for us in Christ Jesus is there for us no matter what. We can celebrate and live in the love of Christ Jesus.If you like our Channel, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to ensure you see all future videos that will further enrich your time in God's…


Full Pardon | Moments of Comfort

We are given the gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus. Jesus will never drive us away, no matter we've done. We can live in the assurance of our Savior. 


What’s Next? Heaven!  |  Moments of Comfort

God has called us out by name. In Christ, we are saved. God is with us through all of life and will bring us to be with Him forever! 


Stand Out People |  Moments of Comfort

A Stradivarius violin stands out in an orchestra because of its rich tonal quality. Because of God has done for us, we are “stand-out people.”


A Spiritual GPS |  Moments of Comfort

God has provided Christians with a “spiritual GPS” through His Word, the Gospel, and Holy Spirit.  Are you relying on His power for you as you navigate life?


Walking Worthily |  Moments of Comfort

God has designed Christians to “walk worthily of the Lord.” That means bearing fruit and growing in the knowledge of God in Christ Jesus.


Righting Your World |  Moments of Comfort

We live in a world that isn’t right: it’s corrupted by sin. Those in Christ live, though, in His comfort, peace, and hope.


Casting Out Anxiety |  Moments of Comfort

We can call upon God in all situations of life.


One Day at a Time |  Moments of Comfort

Staying close to God throughout our life.


He Cares For You |  Moments of Comfort

Anxiety and worry are roadblocks to seeing God’s Blessings.


Don’t Be Anxious…Pray |  Moments of Comfort

God has given us the perfect gift of prayer.


Alone: With Life |  Moments of Comfort

Loneliness is complex.  Whether loneliness is temporary or has become chronic, there is hope and there is life.