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November 27, 2022 – First Sunday in Advent

Psalm 122; Isaiah 2:1-5; Matthew 24:36-44
"Caught in the Flow" - Sermon Text: Isaiah 2:1-5 - Rev. William Mueller
A new church year begins with the First Sunday in Advent. We hear the prophecy from Isaiah about swords beaten into plowshares and…


November 20, 2022 – Sunday of the Fulfillment

Psalm 46; Colossians 1:13-20; Luke 23:27-43
"The Great Triumph" - Sermon Text: Colossians 1: 13-20 - Rev. Paul Shoemaker
Sometimes all seems lost. That is how it appeared to people who saw Jesus on the cross. This was not a defeat but the road to…


November 13, 2022 – Twenty-Third Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 98; Malachi 4:1-6; Luke 21:5-28
“Redemption Draws Near” - Sermon Text: Luke 21:5-28 - Rev. Shayne Jonker
Just when things are at their worst and you are left with literally nothing in this world, precisely then, “straighten up and raise your…


November 6, 2022 – All Saints Day

Psalm 149; Daniel 1:1-4; 17-21; Matthew 5:1-12
“Conversational Witnesses” - Sermon Text: Daniel 1:17-20 - Rev. Michael Zeigler
How do we share our faith in everyday life? Learn from three Old Testament saints how competence in our callings,…


October 30, 2022 – Reformation Sunday

Psalm 46; Revelation 14:6-7; John 8:31-36
“God Doesn’t Change” - Sermon Text: Revelation 14:6 - Rev. Dr. Lawrence R. Rast, Jr.
Today we celebrate the beginning of the Lutheran Reformation and we remember the founding of The Lutheran Church—…


October 23, 2022 – Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 5; 2 Timothy 4:6-8, 16-18; Luke 18:9-17
“Let Them Come” - Sermon Text: Luke 18:15-17 - Rev. Thomas Eggold
Despite what our culture may teach, sin remains a reality in the world. Every single person has been born into a broken relationship…


October 16, 2022 – Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 121; Genesis 32:22-30; Luke 18:1-8
“God: My Adversary?” - Sermon Text: Genesis 32:22-30 - Rev. Dr. Walter Maier III
God, in human form, wrestled with Jacob. He seemed to be Jacob’s adversary or opponent. At times God may seem to be our…


October 9, 2022 – Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 111; 2 Timothy 2:8-13; Luke 17:11-19
“Going GOD’S Way?” - Sermon Text: Luke 17:19 - Rev. Dr. Thomas Ahlersmeyer
God cares for all, yet all do not acknowledge that it is GOD’S care. Such is the case with Jesus’ healing of the 10 lepers. We…


October 2, 2022 – Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 62; Habakkuk 1:1-4; 2:1-4; Luke 17:1-10
“Live by Faith” - Sermon Text: Habakkuk 1:1-4; 2:1-4 - Rev. William Mueller
In a world, culture, and society that is going haywire in an exponential fashion, the cry of Habakkuk is very relevant: “How…


September 25, 2022 – 16th Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 146; Amos 6:1-7; Luke 16:19-31
“Focus on Christ” – Sermon Text: Luke 16:19-31 – Rev. Paul E. Shoemaker
The rich man focused on the things of this world to give meaning and pleasure to life. True meaning and pleasure is to be found in Christ…


September 18, 2022 – 15th Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 113; Amos 8:4-7; Luke 16:1-15
“Shrewd Faith” – Sermon Text: Luke 16:15b – Rev. Shayne M. Jonker
In the end, when the wealth of this world fails, when the global economy collapses under the weight of its own greed, when the idol of wealth is…


September 11, 2022 – 14th Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 119:169-176; Ezekiel 34:11-24; Luke 15:1-10
“The Seeking of the Shepherd” – Sermon Text: Luke 15:4-5 – Rev. Thomas A. Eggold
The words of this parable are words of joy. They are the words of a Shepherd who searches out the lost; they are the…