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Same Program – New Name: “Worship for Shut-Ins” Changing Name to “Worship Anew”


MINISTRY CONTACT:  Matthew Leighty, Executive Director, Lutheran Ministries Media - 5 Martin Luther Drive, Fort Wayne, IN, 46825 - Phone: (260) 471-5683 - matthew@lmminc.org

Same Program – New Name: “Worship for Shut-Ins” Changing Name to “Worship Anew”

Since 1965, Worship for Shut-Ins has shared the love of Jesus Christ through a weekly television program. Over that time, the ministry has experienced tremendous growth. Lutheran Ministries Media, the producers of Worship for Shut-Ins, reports that viewership has more than doubled in the past year.  After thorough research and prayerful consideration, the Board of Directors of Lutheran Ministries Media is announcing that the weekly televised service "Worship for Shut-Ins" will become known as "Worship Anew", beginning Sunday, December 3rd. Visit www.WorshipForShutIns.org for more information about this important news.

As the ministry concluded the 50th Anniversary of Worship for Shut-Ins and began to prepare for the next decades of ministry, the Board of Directors of Lutheran Ministries Media launched an intensive study to better understand their viewers. According to Matthew Leighty, executive director, the findings of the research was surprising. “We learned that 71% of those who regularly watch the program do not consider themselves ‘shut-in.’ In fact, we consistently heard that many in our audience are uncomfortable being labeled as a ‘shut-in.’ Our Board carefully listened to this input and prayerfully decided to act on it.”

Leighty shares that the new program name was inspired by the new life we find in Jesus Christ. “You have been born anew, not from perishable but from imperishable seed, through the living and enduring word of God” (1 Peter 1:23). “This program name is uplifting and reaches out to all who seek to celebrate new life in Jesus. It turns hearts heavenward and invites viewers to worship again. Through this transition, we remain steadfastly focused on the mission and purpose that has guided our ministry for more than 50 years. We will continue to minister to the homebound, aging, and all those who yearn to hear God’s Word.” He shares that the format and emphasis of the weekly program will not change. And the same six Lutheran pastors will continue to serve into 2018.

Over the next several weeks Lutheran Ministries Media is taking time in their transition to familiarize viewers, donors, and friends with the new program name and the reasons for its selection. Leighty says the ministry has been encouraged by the support and positive response of many church leaders and pastors. They ask for people’s prayers as they prepare for their next 50 years of ministry.

Produced by Lutheran Ministries Media and centered on the mission of “sharing Christ’s love through ministry and media,” Worship for Shut-Ins televises its 30-minute program every week across the United States and around the world. Its traditional format includes scripture readings, a pastor’s sermon, and hymns of the church. Stations, times, and sermon topics can be found at their website: www.worshipforshutins.org.