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October 2018 Broadcaster

Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us. Hebrews 12:1b

Perseverance Reappearance

On September 27, 2014, I did something I never thought I would do. And I'm not sure I could ever do again. I started out working towards my goal months in advance. I began strong and managed to make tremendous progress. But after a while, inspiration wained and my strides became much slower. Despite all this, as the deadline approached, I could see the culmination nearing. My perseverance reappeared, pushing me towards my goal.

My objective was to run a half-marathon. You see, for me, that would be a major accomplishment. I'm not a runner, my legs are short, and I'm not a natural athlete. In essence, I exercise because I have to, not because I love to. So if I was to achieve this monumental task, it would be a great accomplishment.

On the day of the run, I left my home very early to travel downtown where the half-marathon was to take place. I was nervous, but I had faith that I would attain what I had been aspiring to do all this time. Thankfully, starting out the run, I felt great! My legs were fresh and the early morning temp was cool. But as the run progressed, I began feeling tired, the sun felt blazing hot, and the aches started to set-in. Thankfully, I hung in there, trudging along. And eventually, I found that I was finally nearing the end. And just like the weeks I spent preparing for this big day, I started to feel like my perseverance reappeared. It's what I like to call perseverance reappearance.

Perseverance reappearance also applies to so many of our Worship Anew viewers who have traveled a long path to where they now find themselves. Many of our viewers are facing some of life's most difficult circumstances. For some, a Worship Anew pastor's message, choir hymn, and scripture readings could be their last opportunity to be ministered to on this side of eternity.

As we journey throughout the year, the cycle of giving to the ministry also follows a perseverance reappearance. Giving drops off in the summer months and often picks back up in December. That is why your financial support is so vital as we make important budgetary decisions for 2019. While the ministry has been tremendously blessed, we still have a long way to go before we reach our target for this year. We ask that you would consider your involvement in partnering with this ministry as we persevere in this life for the sake of Christ Jesus our Lord.

Matthew Leighty is Executive Director of Lutheran Ministries Media.