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November 2018 Broadcaster

Only Good News!  

Yesterday, my wife came up to me and told me she had some BAD NEWS, "Your car has a flat tire." I was not completely surprised by her words because I had my car in the shop two weeks ago to get an oil change, and the service technician told me it was about time I replaced the tires. As I contemplated this, however, I had mixed feelings because, while I didn't want to have to deal with the expense of getting new tires, I also knew they would make my old car much more reliable on the roads. 

This time of the year, I'm often thinking about new things. But unlike my car tires, I'm thankful most of these are GOOD NEWS. In just one more month, we'll begin the new church year. Another opportunity to prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ, the propitiation for our sins. Coincidentally, we just kicked off a new season of production for Worship Anew. What a blessing to have this tremendous privilege of reaching so many with God's Word.

There is an extra special new item that I'm excited to share with you today. There will be two new pastors regularly appearing on Worship Anew starting in December. That is the important news I wanted to share with you and the feature of this November Broadcaster.

But this also means we'll be saying farewell to two regular pastors who have served the ministry faithfully for many years. And while we'll miss seeing them on a regular basis, we are so happy that God is still using them in new and incredible ways to further His work on earth. Another new item! We're planning our new budget for 2019. That means the support we are receiving now has a very real impact on any new and ongoing programming we can carry out in 2019. That is why I'm asking you to consider making your support to this ministry today so we can have confidence going into 2019 that we'll meet our funding goal for the year. The average weekly fee on each broadcast station comes to about $1,200 per week. We hope you might consider how you can help pay for one week in your area. Monthly giving can be a great way to sustain the important ongoing ministry of Worship Anew. Thank you so much for making 2018 a great year! You are the reason God's Word is being proclaimed to thousands and thousands of people every week. We are grateful for your faithfulness. As we reflect on the passage in Lamentations, chapter 3, we are reminded that no matter what comes our way, we know that God's mercy never ends, His love will go on forever, and His mercies are new every day.

Matthew Leighty is Executive Director of Lutheran Ministries Media.