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October 2023 Program Summaries

October 1, 2023 Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost

Psalm 25:1-10; Ezekiel 18:1-4, 25-32; Matthew 21:23-27
"By What Authority" - Sermon Text: Matthew 21:23 Rev. Shayne Jonker

By what authority? Jesus' own words and works gave witness to His authority. He told the religious authorities as much. If you don't believe His words, then look at His works. Healing the sick, casting out demons, stilling storms, walking on water, raising the dead. These are the works that God does, and only one who is authorized by God can do these kinds of things. The Words and miracles of Jesus are Gis badge of authority.


October 8, 2023 Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost

Psalm 80:7-19; Isaiah 5:1-7; Matthew 21:33-46
"Faithful Vinedressers" - Sermon Text: Matthew 21:33-46 Rev. Paul Shoemaker

In the parable of the wicked vinedressers Jesus recounts how God's chosen people, Israel, were unfaithful to their calling. The Christian Church, which is the New Israel, is to be faithful to God's calling by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.


October 15, 2023 Twentieth Sunday After Pentecost

Psalm 23; Isaiah 25:6-9; Matthew 22:1-14
"Kingly Love" - Sermon Text: Matthew 22:1-14 Rev. William Mueller

During His earthly ministry Jesus loved telling parables about banquets and parties. These parables are great ways to teach the truths of His kingdom. The truth we discover in the Parable of the Wedding Banquet is that attendance and participation in His banquet is on His terms. And His terms are lovely and gracious!


October 22, 2023 Twenty-First Sunday After Pentecost

Psalm 96; 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10; Matthew 22:15-22
"Turned to God" - Sermon Text: 1 Thessalonians 1:9-10; Psalm 96:1 Rev. Dr. Thomas Ahlersmeyer

Jesus Christ's sacrificial death and resurrection turns our lives from sin's despair and certain death to a living hope that awaits His return. We wait with a "new song" in our hearts and on our lips, a "song" of love for God and our neighbors whom He has entrusted to us. Yes, we are people who, through the Gospel's power, are TURNED TO GOD!


October 29, 2023 Reformation (Observed)

Psalm 46; Revelation 14:6-7; John 8:31-36
"The Eternal Gospel" - Sermon Text: Revelation 14:6-7 Rev. Paul Shoemaker

Our God is consistent in all that He says and does. He has given to us an eternal Gospel. We know that this eternal Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, is an unchangeable truth promising the reward of life in heaven.